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AerAdvise is an independent technical consulting and asset management company serving high value aircraft leasing clients worldwide. Our team comes with several decades of experience in aircraft leasing with some of the largest companies in the world. Our in-depth technical knowledge and expertise is vital in protecting our customers investment throughout the asset lifecycle.

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Continuing Airworthiness Management

The CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) represents the pinnacle in maintaining aircraft airworthiness. Ensuring the safety of all serviced aircraft is our top priority, and we adhere rigorously to CAMO rules for our company’s continued airworthiness support services. Possessing the CAMO certificates enables us to evaluate the aircraft’s adherence to operational standards set by EASA and several other authorities including, Ireland, Cayman, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Malta. These certificates also ensure that the aircraft is ready for operation, meeting the requirements outlined by each Civil Aviation Authority.

Technical Support Services

Our team of professional Technical Project Managers deliver a comprehensive, full-lifecycle technical support from our five global key locations. The range of services encompasses aircraft inspections, returns, recovery, transition, maintenance event management, airworthiness assessment, and technical due diligence. These technical services can be used on a standalone basis and are available at short notice globally.

Technical Support Services
AerAdvise ABC Part21 Services

Part 21 Services

Together with our strategic partner ABC International, we provide a suite of combined solutions including tailor-made engineering, design and certification services to airlines, lessors, OEMs and MROs. ABC International is an EASA Approved Design Organization Company (EASA.21J.529) with its head office in Naples, Italy and co-located within the AerAdvise offices in Dublin and Shannon. Our EASA certification allows for the approval of minor or major changes to cabin interiors and external configurations on both CS-25 large aircraft and CS-23 small aircraft. ABC International has revolutionised the cabin branding trade realising unique solutions for the most influential airlines.

Lease Management Services

To preserve the value of assets and guarantee the consistent fulfilment of aircraft maintenance lease requirements, AerAdvise conducts regular on-lease inspections of aircraft. This includes the gathering and transfer of updated technical records. On-lease asset inspections adhere to the specifications outlined in each aircraft lease agreement. Whenever feasible, inspection activities are coordinated with scheduled aircraft maintenance. AerAdvise maintains a specialised team of qualified aircraft inspectors worldwide to ensure efficient access to each operator’s maintenance facility and records.

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Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive solutions across various areas, addressing strategic, commercial, financial, operational, technical, and regulatory challenges. Our focus is on refining processes, enhancing efficiency, and navigating technological complexities. We provide back-office support, including managing information systems like Leasepoint, AerData CMS, STREAM, and Leaseworks. Our guidance ensures compliance with industry standards and legal requirements, fostering a secure and sustainable business environment. Our holistic approach ensures that each facet of your business is considered, providing tailor-made solutions that empower your organisation across its entire spectrum of operations.

“We understand technical asset risk, aviation technology, and the constantly changing needs of the aviation industry”

Patrick Toner, CEO, AerAdvise

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